What should I bring on my fishing trip?

Camera, sun block, hat, hand towel, comfortable shoes, cooler (but leave it in your car), and cash for tipping the hard working guys/gals on board that work hard for you all day long.  You are welcome to bring your own fishing rod; however, you can only fish with 1 at a time.  Most people just use the standard fishing gear we supply, but we like you to know you are welcome to bring your own bait, tackle and fishing rod if you prefer.  With that in mind, if other customers bring their own bait or gear, this was their option and you are certainly welcome to do the same.

What time should I arrive?

Half Day 9:45 am

Full Day 7:15 am

Night Shark Fishing 5:15 pm

Arriving to the dock after the arrival time for your fishing trip could mean not getting on the boat.  We have a pre-boarding speech that is mandatory participation so if you miss the speech, there is a chance you will not be able to get on the boat.

What is your fishing schedule?

Half Day 10:30 am – 4:30 pm

Full Day 8 am – 5 pm

Night Shark Fishing 6 pm – 10 pm (Early Spring – Early Fall; Call for a schedule of which nights we shark fish)

Do you go fishing everyday?

Yes, we are scheduled to fish everyday of the year except Christmas day (for obvious reasons).  Of course, there are days we don’t get to go fishing if we have rough seas or if we have scheduled maintenance on our boats (this is why reservations are crucial).

Do I need to make a reservation?

Yes!!!  We can’t plan for you if we don’t know you are coming with us.  Besides, if there is an unforeseen problem with the weather, we are able to quickly call the cell phone number you provided to notify you of any possible changes.

What do I need to make a reservation?

To set up your fishing trip, you will buy your tickets on our website www.orlandoprincess.com.  When you buy your tickets online, please remember to use your cell phone number for the phone number on your order.  Please don’t give us a home phone as it won’t help either one of us if you are visiting Florida from another state.  Coupons/Discounts can only be obtained by buying your tickets on our website.  If you are having computer issues when trying to buy your tickets online, we suggest restarting your computer or utilizing a different computer.  Our website is open 24 hours per day so you are able to buy your fishing trip online at any time. We can also take a phone reservation, but we do not process any payment over the phone so you would not qualify for a discount.  Keep in mind, a phone reservation is not guaranteed since you haven’t actually purchased tickets yet.

Do you offer any discounts or specials for small or large parties?

To be fair to everyone, all of our discounts, promotions and coupons must be purchased on our website at least 24 hours before your desired fishing trip. Online discounts, promotions and coupons are not available at the door, so the saying is true, the early bird gets the worm. We promise, you will not find a better deal for the size boats we use, the amenities we include, the food & drinks we include, as well as our outstanding service that can not be matched.

Do you guarantee fish?

Believe it or not, this is a very common question.  The quick and easy question is No.  Any boat that can guarantee fish to every single person is just selling you a dream.  We are a family owned & operated business that is not here to mislead you in anyway.  We take great pride in being honest with our customers.  Since we do not know the skill level of any of our customers, we have no idea what they are capable of doing in terms of fishing, but the great news is, we have professional and helpful deckhands that work very hard to ensure you have a great time.  They will teach you everything you want to know; all you have to do is ask.  Take their advice, because it truly helps.  Fishing is much different here than wherever you might be from so listen to the pros!!  There is one thing we can guarantee; you will not find crewmembers that will work harder for your friends and family.  Trust us, we have checked them all out!!  Just remember, we can’t make the fish bite.

Where are you located?

We are in Port Canaveral!!  Unfortunately, your GPS device doesn’t always get you to our location due to the street changes & new exit ramps in Port Canaveral, so be sure to print the driving directions from our website!  And make sure when you arrive to go fishing you double check to make sure you are at the correct location.  Our boats are all white with a red stripe.

What credit cards do you accept?

Visa & MasterCard on our website

If you are paying in the office, we suggest cash in case the credit card terminal isn’t working since there is not an ATM on site.

Don’t forget to bring cash for tipping the deck crew and galley crew on the boat!

What if there is rough weather?

Everyday our Captains check the weather reports and if there is a problem with rough seas, we will call you the evening before your fishing trip to discuss your options in terms of rescheduling your fishing trip.  We do suggest booking your fishing trip in the beginning of your vacation so that you have other days to work with in the event there is rough seas.  We only look at the weather the day before each fishing trip due to the fact predictions can change frequently and we want to rely on the latest forecast.

Do you go fishing if it rains?

Yes!  The fish don’t know it’s raining and besides, our rainstorms are usually very quick.  Try not to plan your vacation around the rain due to the fact this is Florida and being that we are in a sub-tropic climate, you can expect the weatherman to predict some chance of rain many days through the year.  It is extremely rare for Florida to get a complete day of nothing but rain (this can happen if we have a tropical storm, but it is not usually the case).

What are your office hours?

6 am – 6 pm

What is a recommended tip (gratuity)?

18 – 20% of what a full ticket price would cost is standard in the industry.  The cook has a separate tip jar from the deckhands.  At the end of your fishing trip, the deckhands will go around the boat with their tip jar so be sure to show your appreciation for their hard work all day.  As you know, they can’t make the fish bite, but they work hard to show you a great time.

Is fish cleaning service included in my ticket price?

No, it is not included; however, it is available once the boat returns to the dock.  The guys that helped you on the boat all day will be happy to stay after to clean your fish for a small fee.  It is really cheap to have them do it, but they will give you a price based on how many fish you have and what kind of fish it is.  They will even be happy to remove the jaws from your shark for an extra fee as this is time consuming but it will create an ever-lasting memory of your fishing trip!!!

Do you offer a service so I can have my fish mounted?

Yes, we do and will be happy to provide you a price based on the size & type of fish once the boat returns to the dock.  What better way to tell your fish story, you can proudly display your catch on your wall!

Where do you go fishing?

We fish off of Port Canaveral in the Atlantic Ocean.  Depending on which fishing trip you book & where the captain travels to that day, you can expect to travel approximately 18-25 miles offshore.

How soon should I book my fishing trip?

We suggest as much notice as you are able to provide.  We do not have a required time frame, but keep in mind once a day sells out then that day will not be available any longer.  At a minimum, please provide a 48 hour notice.

What is your least crowded day?

Typically, Monday – Thursday is our least busy time to go fishing, unless you are booking during a holiday week.  The weekends are usually busier than the weekdays & Saturday’s are almost always busier than Sunday.

What is the difference between the Half Day & Full Day fishing trip?

Both of our fishing trips are welcome to all of our customers and we encourage you to experience both of our fishing trips.  The Half Day trips are more geared towards families or beginner fisherman/fisherwoman or for people who are looking for a shorter fishing trip.  The Full Day trips are more geared towards the avid fisherman or someone who has experienced fishing previously.  This trip is a longer day so there is the obvious difference that it offers more fishing time.  We look forward to you fishing with us on either of our fishing trips!